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Frequently Asked Questions

Hyfit Gear is on a mission to create the world’s smartest and most portable fitness equipment. Hyfit Gear is both a hardware and software company, leveraging great design, innovative sensor technology, and artificial intelligence to deliver a suite of next-generation workout products and apparel for those looking to achieve their fitness goals anytime, anywhere. The company’s flagship product is the Gear 1, the world’s first smart fitness band system, offering an intensive, full-body workout and real-time tracking of workout data and intelligence that helps users achieve their goals quicker.

Hyfit Gear was founded in 2016 by childhood friends Guy Bar, Dan Strik and Elad Elkalai. The concept for the company and flagship product, Gear 1, began when the founders, serving in the Israel Defense Forces, needed a portable workout solution to maintain their fitness routines while stationed at far-away bases. Combined with an understanding of the latest advances in sensor technology and artificial intelligence, Guy, Dan and Elad set off to build a hardware and software brand dedicated to creating an ecosystem of smart, portable fitness products that will forever change the way people workout.

Hyfit Gear is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, a hotbed for technology innovation and fitness. Hyfit will be opening an office in Los Angeles later this year.

Yes, Gear 1 is the world’s first smart fitness band system with innovative sensor technology to track your movement and intensity and smart workout recommendations through an AI Coach.

The Gear 1 is the first product as part of a larger ecosystem of smart, portable workout gear and apparel that will forever change how we workout. We are leveraging the latest in smart sensor technology and artificial intelligence to deliver powerful new workout tools and experiences that create personalized and customized routines for anyone and help them achieve fitness goals, wherever and whenever they want.

We can’t share any details on future products, but are excited about the roadmap we have planned and can’t wait to introduce them to the world. Gear 1 is just the tip of the iceberg


The Gear 1 is Hyfit’s flagship product and the world’s first smart home gym system. The power of resistance training, reimagined with the latest smart technology and intelligence, delivers a versatile, ultra-portable fitness solution and puts fitness fanatics in the driver’s seat when it comes to how and when they train. Gear 1 offers an intensive, full-body workout and real-time tracking of workout data and intelligence helps users achieve their goals quicker with personalized and escalating workouts.

Gear 1 features two high performance smart resistance bands with adjusters, two ergonomic handles, two sets of ultra-comfortable wrist and ankle bands, a door anchor, protective carrying bag, and a “Getting Started” workout guide.

With state-of-the-art sensor technology, Gear 1 combines accelerometer readings with an analysis of body tension, strength building, BMI, fat burn, calorie burn, heart rate and other critical measurements to track exercise progress. The unique tension cord design combines aerobic exercises with strength training, providing a versatile personal gym in a small, transportable package usable in any environment.

Gear 1 works with the innovative Hyfit Gear app, available for iOS and Android, that not only tracks workout data in one, simple interface, but will soon leverage artificial intelligence through an “AI Coach” to make smart recommendations on new workouts and routines to help users achieve results and reach fitness goals faster.

The tracking is of statistical features, i.e max weight, speed, resistance etc’ there are 20 features at the moment that are tracked. The sensors can track these features through any movement made with the Gear

The Hyfit Gear app serves as the main hub for all current and future Hyfit Gear products, including the Gear 1. The app tracks workout data through smart sensors to accurately measure resistance, calories burned, force and more, while counting reps and exercise duration, offering a complete, real-time view of one’s workouts and progress.

An intelligent AI Coach uses the biometric feedback and data to deliver workouts personalized to each user and help them achieve their fitness goals more quickly. The app also features a vast library of workouts to guide users towards a full-body workout, that is customized to them, and add variety and diversity to their daily routines.

Gear 1 connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and works with the Hyfit Gear app for iOS and Android.

Yes. The Hyfit Gear app is available for iOS and Android.

The first version of the Hyfit app offers 80 exercise possibilities that can be used to build an endless number of workouts

Not at this time, but we plan to add support for both in the near future. We are actively engaged with Apple and Google on these integrations.

Not at this time, but both are on our software roadmap for this year.

We don’t currently offer community-based features in the app, but it’s something we are considering in the future as we build out our ecosystem of users and products.