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GEAR 1 with all accessories
Want to build muscle? Lose weight? Get totally ripped? Hit your fitness goals faster with the only A.I. home gym that automatically tracks your fitness stats and progress.

2 Gear 1 Bands with Built-in Fitness Trackers
2 Anchors: Door and Foreign Object
2 Ergonomic Handles
2 Padded Wrist Straps
2 Padded Ankle Straps
Mesh Carrying Bag
USB Charging Cable
'Workout In Progress' Door Hanger


Smart Home Gym

Get a complete, guided workout in any 6’x6’ space and gain valuable insights through your workout data

Built-in Fitness Tracker

Automatically track your workout stats in real time through the Hyfit app to optimize your performance

Total Body Workout

Compound movements with Gear 1 activate every muscle in your body, for a more efficient workout


Join our professional trainers with fun,
action-packed workouts and training plans tailored to your personal needs.

We're adding new workout programs all the time. Watch this space!



Smart Fitness Sensor

Automatically track your reps, exercise duration and more.

High Quality Handles

Non-slip, ergonomic handles give you a solid grip for every workout.

High-Performance Straps

Designed to withstand years of use without fraying.

Heavy-Duty Metal

Strong shackles can withstand over 300 pounds of force.


Meet other motivated people, and achieve your personal best with the Hyfit Fitness community.
1. Smart Resistance Bands
2. Wrist & Ankle Straps
3. Wall Anchor
4. Door Anchor
5. Ergonomic Handles
6. Carrying Bag

“Hyfit came to life when we realized we needed to elevate the regular at-home workout products”

“The highlight here is that if you use resistance bands you probably have several. With Hyfit you only need one"

"Hyfit Has Created an Affordable Smart Home Gym to Keep You Fit During Quarantine"

"Hyfit Gear 1 personalizes your workouts using smart bands that track acceleration, force and power"


  • How do I connect Gear 1 to my phone?

    We highly recommend reading the user manual before you start using your Gear 1. Follow these steps to connect your Gear 1: Step 1: Download the latest version of the Hyfit app for iOS or Android from the App Store or Google Play. Simply search for “Hyfitgear” to download. Step 2: Open your Hyfit account. You can create your account manually, or use your Google or Facebook details to set it up instantly. Step 3: Connect your Gear 1 to your Hyfit app. Make sure the Hyfit app is open, and have Bluetooth and location services enabled. Take one band and press the button once to turn on the sensor. Red and blue lights will start blinking. The app will connect automatically to the band, and the blue light will start to blink slowly. Tap “connect another” to connect the second band, repeating the steps above.

  • Can I browse the store after adding a product to the cart?

    Yes, the app is free to download and subscribe to.

  • How do I adjust the Gear 1 bands?

    To shorten or lengthen the Gear 1 band, hold the top part of the band, squeeze the red adjuster button and pull the band up or down to the desired length. Be sure not to work out when the adjuster is at the very top or bottom of the band.

  • How do I set up Gear 1 for a body-anchored workout?

    Step 1: Wrap the large bands around your ankles, and the small bands around your wrists, making sure the velcro is secure. Step 2: Connect the carabiner on the resistance bands to the ring on the wrist and ankle bands. Step 3: Adjust the resistance bands to the desired length and start your workout!

  • How do I set up Gear 1 for a door-anchored workout?

    Step 1: Clip the carabiners on the resistance bands to the handle attachments. Step 2: Place the door anchor over the top of the door and close the door securely. Step 3:Press the red button on the resistance bands to adjust them to the desired length. Step 4: Open the Gear 1 app and choose a Program, Workout or Exercise. Select a video and press ‘play’ to start. Safety notice: Only use the Gear 1 Door Anchor with professionally constructed doors that can fully support your body weight. A door that opens away from your body will be the safest and most secure. Your body weight will pull the door closed. When using any hinge-style door, always ensure it is completely closed before using. Test that the door is fully closed secured by pushing or pulling it before using. For additional safety, use a door that locks, if one is available. To prevent injury from someone opening the door unexpectedly during a workout, always place a sign showing ‘Workout in Progress—Do Not Open’ on the opposite side of the door. WARNING: DO NOT use Gear 1 on glass doors, sliding doors, or any lightweight doors such as closets or kitchen cabinets.

  • How do I set up Gear 1 for an object-anchored workout?

    Step 1: Attach the foreign anchor to a sturdy object that can support your weight. Step 2: Secure the bands to the foreign anchor with the handle attachments at the end. Step 3: Connect Gear 1 bands and adjust the resistance to your desired level and start your workout. Safety notes: Only use the Gear 1 Foreign Anchor attachment with professionally constructed support structures that can fully support your body weight. The foreign anchor attachments are safest when properly secured to sturdy, permanent structures. Use outdoors on swing sets or playground bars. Use indoors on professionally manufactured fitness facility cable machines, ceiling mounts, smith machines or ceiling beams and posts. For higher anchor points, wrap around the anchor point once and clip the carabiner into the chosen intermediate loop. For lower anchor points, wrap around the anchor point as many times as needed to shorten it, and then clip the carabiner into the selected intermediate loop to achieve the correct height. Ensure that the carabiner is securely attached to the intermediate loop on the foreign anchor before attaching the main straps. Test that the foreign anchor is safely secured by firmly pulling the bottom D-ring downward. IMPORTANT: Never clip the carabiner of the main straps into the intermediate loops of the foreign anchor attachment. Always clip the main straps into the D-ring on the foreign anchor attachments.

  • Can I wash Gear 1 accessories in a washing machine?

    Yes, you absolutely can. Just add more than one item to the cart and go to checkout.

  • What parameters does the Hyfit app track?

    Yes, you absolutely can. Just add more than one item to the cart and go to checkout.

  • What is the maximum resistance (in lbs) that each of the two bands offer?

    Each Gear 1 band offers 5 lbs to 22 lbs of resistance. Of course, in resistance training, the weight increases as the tension on the band increases.

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HyFit Gear HYFIT GEAR 1 Review

The Evolution of my Fitness Routine

I used resistance bands and suspension trainers previously so my the Hyfit piqued my interest. Since receiving Gear 1, I have worked out multiple times. I keep finding more advantages of the equipment such as, I don't have to switch or stack bands during an exercise, I don't have to wear like I had to with reqular resistance bands. It is compact, portable and more versatile than any equipment I have used at home. I like it so much, I sold my regular resistance bands and my suspension trainer!

Steve R.
United States United States
HyFit Gear HYFIT GEAR 1 Review


really excited to get this into my workout routine

Carl C.
HyFit Gear HYFIT GEAR 1 Review

good workouts

lara m.
HyFit Gear HYFIT GEAR 1 Review

Really enjoy these bands they are really competing my workout

Ukraine Ukraine