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Your Body. Your Workout.

The Hyfit Smart Gym
Workout for any goal
Varied collection of step by step
guided programs

Workout Your Way

Strength. Endurance. Core. Toning up. Slimming down. Whatever your fitness goal, Hyfit’s professional coaches are here to guide you towards results. Get full access to a complete library of workouts and exercises that you can do anywhere, at home or on the go. Never miss a workout again.

Dynamic Fitness Stats

Watch your progress as you train with powerful sensors that track 20+ fitness stats per workout all reported in real-time. Because if you don’t have stats to track are you even exercising?

A.I. Personal Trainer

With Hyfit you’re never alone in your fitness journey. Simply tap into the Hyfit App for personalized training sessions with your A.I. Coach from 200+ guided workouts.

One Band, No Installation

Hyfit’s anti-snap bands sport up to 44 lbs of resistance and can easily be adjusted on the fly. You can connect the bands to your wrists, ankles, or anchor them to any sturdy structure for a nearly unlimited variety of workout options.

It’s Fitness: Personalized
Experience Customized Smart Training

Real People. Real Results.

People like you are getting life changing results with Hyfit. Ready to join them?